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17th May 2021

Human Capital Insights

Human capital topics are making their way to the table. Business leaders are diving deeper to better understand human capital and to establish dynamic strategies that would enable all stakeholders to thrive. Here is a collection of Will International’s human capital articles written by our Managing Director Strategic Growth, Technology and Talent Solutions Caleb Baker.

The Future of Work: ROI on Human Capital in Financial Terms

Measuring and reporting financial metrics to prove the return of investment (ROI) of human capital proves to be an ongoing challenge for HR leaders. In the modern workforce, there are emerging directions and opportunities on how to define human capital metrics in financial terms. To realise this would enable a complete shift in the thinking, investment and overall design of work, the workplace and employee engagement for future generations. Financial capital, and its use, continues to dominate business strategy, employee management and economic models. As we pivot our focus to the future of work and the workplace, we also unlock ways to maximise the value of human capital.

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Human Capital Saves the World

As Human Capital Management (HCM) leaders forge their way into the boardroom, we are also seeing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors increasingly influence organisations in rethinking corporate decision making and risk evaluation. Just like human capital, utilising and understanding ESG in its many forms is crucial for organisations looking to brace the future of work and the rewards it can deliver.

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Why is Human Capital Reporting Important?

Human capital (HC) is vital to the DNA of how we do successful business in the present, and the future. Human capital reporting has now become less of an operational requirement and far more of a strategic imperative. For organisations to ensure they are building a truly sustainable business they must be able to report, interpret and make decisions from their human capital reporting. To achieve this, organisations must define which human capital metrics are important in measuring culture and performance. They need to be able to measure them effectively and efficiently. Then most importantly, make key people decisions that bring the most positive impact on all stakeholders. Identifying these metrics or indicators allow organisations to fully understand human capital, in more than just financial and operational terms. Understanding these metrics is pivotal in the agenda of bringing HR and human capital to the boardroom and transitioning from a purely financial and shareholder-centric framework to an all stakeholders approach to build the future of work.

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