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23rd July 2021

The State of HR

HR being a strategic leader is imperative in the future as it is in the present. State of work will continue to deal with unprecedented disruptions and changes that is why it is more important than ever to embrace business and workforce sustainability. HR itself is in the midst of a major transformation that would redefine how organisations should take care of their people, especially their employees. HR is faced with a number of challenges moving forward in terms of evolving jobs and skills, workforce engagement, social factors, technological solutions and more. Below is a list of articles discussing HR's challenges, opportunities and factors driving the function to thrive.

HR Takes the Lead

In today’s organisations needing to move forward and achieve true transformation, there are three clear requirements that HR leadership must deliver to confirm its significance in providing strategic value within its organisation and at the same time address evolving demands from employees.

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The Great HR Divide

Human Resources (HR) is making its way to the boardroom table and bringing with it, the focus on human capital measurement as the key driver for the future of work and prosperity of employees and companies. However, within the HR function, not everyone acknowledges HR’s role as a leader in driving organisational transformation and total talent solutions. For some, HR is seen as a service provider. How people and organisations perceive the role of HR is significant. Will HR be recognised as an agent of positive change to usher in the future of work or a pencil pusher?

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HR Continues to Lead

Covid-19 is without a doubt one of the greatest catalysts that drove the workforce and the workplace to evolve. Business transformation became the top business mandate for thousands of organisations to brace the complexities of the global pandemic and shield millions of employees. With the conclusion of 2020, we look forward to a better year, facing uncertainties with HR in the driver’s seat. Despite consistent resistance and backlash from senior executives, HR continues to take the lead.

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HR's People and Purpose Agenda

Intangible assets such as corporate culture, employee wellness and transparency are becoming more pertinent in today’s business. The future of work will revolve around non-financial data with organisations embracing the agenda of stakeholder capitalism, advocating the people and the purpose.

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What Does it Mean to be a Great Employer Today? A Defining Question for Business Leaders

‘What it means to be a great employer’ is something business leaders struggle to quantify or put into action. How employees and customers recognise great employers today is different from how they distinguished them in the past. Understanding this massive shift in perception is vital for organisations and business leaders to thrive in the future of work.

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